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Hey guys,

It’s Contest again, and their is news on Fantage! There is a new Bush costume that is a legendary rare for members, it looks pretty cool. Here is a picture from Billybob (not from CP):

Also, there are rumours that the ice cream hair is a rare for everyone. I don’t think it is, I think they haven’t released it yet. Let me know if you have it!

OK so the news I was going to talk about is they made Rocket Board updates today! It has way better graphics, here is a sneak peek:

Sorry, the picture is resized, so it looks ugly. šŸ˜† If I were you, I would play it on Fantage for the full experience.

And, Fantage made a video Ninjas Vs. Pirates on their blog, check it out. I’m not posting it for copyright reasons.

Contest :mrgreen:



Posted on: September 5, 2008

Hey guys,

I’m back again. Sorry, I tried getting back into Planet Cazmo, but now everyone thinks I’m a hacker.Ā If your from Cazmo, I’m never coming back. I just can’t handle the fighting. Anyway, we have 650 hits! Maybe I just mgiht have a party. I will add more pages soon. On to Fantage news!

Ok, so way back in July (lol) they released medals. They areĀ  so cool! My other guy, Brandonz, is level 12, but Contest is only level 4. And Contest isn’t a beta either. Oh well. Ok, so every month you stay you level up 1, and if your a beta you get a bonus level 5. If you become a premium member you get a bonus level 15. And, premiums can get up to a level 38 with Gamers medal. Here is a picture of my guys level and picture:

Also, two new newspapers have been released since I last left. The latest one is really cool, there is a costume contest! I am so excited, I’m doing Rihanna and Elvis. I will give some sneak peeks of them soon maybe.

Also, 7 new hairstyles game for the upcoming Top Models Inc. Here is a picture:

And, 4 new sunglasses, here is a picture of some:

A few days ago, they made Fantage a dome shape, and I gave them a good idea for other domes with themed worlds. M said it was a possibility in the future. And, M told me that he tried to make it shake like a snowglobe but it didn’t work. Here is a picture of it:

As you can tell from the new map, the Model Inc. exterior (outside) is here, but not the interior (inside). Here is a picture of the two guards, they are cool.

Finally, yesterday a Ninja started appearing in the uptown bushes. Weird…

Well, I’m going camping this weeked with my Boy Scouts so I will come back Sunday. See ya!

Contest :mrgreen:

Hey guys, Himani has posted and there is more sneak peeks of the Fashion Show! Here they are:Ze Runway!

Also, they have announced that Fantage Medals will come very soon too! And, there is two weeks left for the Board contest, hopefully they are available to everyone.

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Posted on: July 15, 2008

Hey guys, sorry I was on Vacation. I’ve been very busy, and I will make updates soon! Also, this is a blog for Non Members. I am not a member, and I can’t become one. So, I am a non member just like most of you. I will post about member stuff, I just can’t wear it, show you it, etc.

I am going to start posting more, and I’ve gotten a lot of hits! Most are probably from Planet Cazmo, but oh well. I almost have 300 hits! Woot woot. Thanks so much guys, keep it up. Don’t forget I now play as Contest and not Brandonz. I will also make a psot abotu the Fashion Show in a few minutes.

Contest :mrgreen:

Hey guys,

Update: I changed my name to Contest. Because I don’t want to look at Premium items anymore, and it will be easier to access all my stuff.

How are you? I’m good. Still no updates on Fantage. I am going to start working on this site quite a bit, including a few updates. Some new thingsĀ upcoming week are…

A few pages like Funny Pictures, Cheats, and Games Guides. I am also going to throw a party for my birthday in July too! The Fashion Show place is coming very soon… and so is pins!

I also quit becoming a membership. Once this site gets more attention, or I start seeing some updates in Fantage, I will become a member. I might become one for my birthday again, I don’t know. As for now, bye!

Your new friend, Brandonz

Hey guys,

All around Downtown there is some construction for what looks like a new room. For one, all the way near the Stellar Salon there is a construction worker with a bench, and the trees got cleared out. Hear is a picture of the friendly looking worker:

Another big hint that this will be a room is the scene of what looks like a stadium of some sort. Maybe it will be a football stadium for sports? Or maybe they will hold competitions for all Fantagians? Whatever it may be, it will probably be released late July. Here is another picture:

Hmmm… With pins, new rooms, and monkeys, Fantage looks like it is going to have a great summer! Don’t forget pins will be released very soon. Also, I won the contest in the newspaper about Comics. If you eant to look, it is in the Front page at the bottom. Yay! That is all the Fantage news for now.

Your new freind, Brandonz

Update: Himani has posted on the official Fantage blog and this will be a Fashion Stadium. Ugh, I’m not going to this place lots. Can they make this a sports stadium please? I know the girls are happy, but what about the boys? šŸ˜¦

Howdy guys. It’s Brandonz, and I’m back blogging for Fantage! I am getting tired blogging for a game where everyone is fighting, and it’s been in Beta for almost a year. So I’m secretley going to ditch it, and blog for Fantage once again.

Well, I’m not sure if you know this, but I had an old blog called Brandonz Fantage Weblog. It got over 800 hits, and so were behind. The reason I quit was because I didn’t want to run two blogs. I think Fantage is better actually, and so I’m going to start playing on Fantage more and become a premium member again, because I cancelled it after I quit.

So if you read this and have a blog, I’d really appreciate it if you added Fantage 101 to your blogroll, and I will add you to mine. I will have a party at 1,000 hits, so probably around September or so. I will still be playing Fantage as Brandonz, and this site will be up and running better with pages tomorrow.

Also, you may be wondering why I chose the name Phoneyz… it is because I recentley became obsessed with a book series caleld Bone. They are very good kid comic books, and I recommend them. Phoney was one of the main characters, and I really like him so I’m now Phoneyz.

Well, that about sums things up for right now. I hope you enjoy my fresh and new site, and have fun and visit all the pages!

Your Fantage Friend, Brandonz

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Coming Soon

Recentley, Fantage has anounced they will make a new water balloon game in the Beach. Also, the Models Inc. is up, but you can't get inside yet. Ice Ceram hair is coming this weekend.